Giving Rand McNally Its Due

About a year ago, I wrote a blog for work about the importance of details for specialty brands. In that entry, I took Rand McNally to task for not paying attention to details for their Atlas and on a miserable mobile web experience.

What a difference a year makes. Their latest Atlas clears up any of those incorrect descriptions. The Tag takes you to a clean, simple page where you can download the Rand McNally iPhone app or watch some videos (still not ideal, but MUCH better). And their overall web site is magnitudes better, although I’ll still ding them for just presenting the same web page on my mobile device that I see on my computer. You can’t read a single word on your phone. 

Their communication through some of the latest social media tools is vastly improved as well.  I follow them on Twitter and on Facebook and they are genuinely focused on generating conversations, using those mediums in the manner in which they are most effective.

The Stone Cold Truth: Details matter. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Any executive should be obsessed with making sure that every little detail reflects the brand, down to the Tag used on the cover. Kudos to Rand McNally for putting in some obviously very hard work. Last  year they seemed to be facing some tremendous hurdles to their business model. I think I’m going to check in and see how they are performing!  I hope well.