Case Studies

We combine our years of business experience with an ethnographically-based way of analyzing cultural systems to uncover insights other agencies won't have. Here are three recent examples of how we delivered fast, affordable and defendable insights that won new business. 


Fender Guitar

Every once in a while, you get that shot to help an iconic brand you love think differently about a problem. Learn how Stones Insight studied Millennial guitar players and helped Brainyard deliver an earth-shaking insight to Fender Guitar, resulting in a piece of the marketing budget as a trusted advisor.  


Arista Title

Title insurance isn't the most exciting part of buying a new home - it's a transactional business driven by realtor advice. Read how Stones Insight examined the cultural meaning of "home" and uncovered unique insight that helped Ryder Communications win a major rebranding campaign. 


University of Kansas

A young adult's transition to college is a major milestone, and college selection is a major source of angst. Stones Insight helped The Hint Agency win a major design project by revealing that business school choice was driven by a lot more than by awards, rankings and job placement.