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 A home is much more than shelter

A home is much more than shelter


Title insurance isn't the most exciting part of buying a new home - it's a transactional business driven by realtor advice. Like many other industries, title insurance is facing disruption from digitally-focused competitors that are communicating directly with home buyers rather than rely on a real-estate agent's recommendation. 


The problem that Arista faced was how to shift from the historical reliance on relationships with realtors to a digital, direct relationship with home buyers. In particular, how to interact with their consumer without alienating the real-estate agents and loan officers that had long-standing relationships with them. An additional challenge was engaging with a consumer who really didn't know what title insurance was, other than a line-item on the closing statement. 


Stones Insight studied the demographic shifts occurring in home buying (Millennials finally starting to buy homes), but also the cultural systems that exist around the home buying process, the meaning of home, and the professional culture of real-estate agents. This led to insights on how Arista could actually engage with home buyers throughout the buying process that fit with their purpose of reducing the home buyer's risk, while supporting and strengthening the buyer and real-estate agent relationship.


The smaller agency Stones Insight worked with was chosen to develop the overall strategy for Arista's business model adjustment and rebranding.