About kent stones

Kent has been a researcher and planner for over 26 years. Over his career, he has worked or collaborated with large and small agencies like RPA, Digitas, and Hint, as well as with Fortune 500 companies like Sprint, American Century and Heineken.

As a planner and entrepreneur, his passion is bringing the same level of analysis and insight that big agencies have to independent agencies or small marketing teams. Kent believes these small, nimble groups are best positioned to win in the market, bringing bolder, more innovative ideas to the table. And with the right data and insight behind them, our clients inspire confidence their ideas will get results, earning work with today's biggest brands.



Helena has been an anthropologist for over ten years. Over the course of her work, her insights have guided brand and marketing strategy for companies such as Hanes, Clinique, Lowe's, and T-Mobile, as well as providing insight and perspective across federal and local public service projects. 

As an anthropologist, she is well accomplished in ethnography as well as more traditional methods such as in-depth interviews, intercepts, observation, participation, and innovative methods that focus on unique problems. Her expertise is in using ethnographic research methods to reveal and clarify purpose, enlightening agencies or marketing teams on how to create products, services, or public policies that are good for both people and the planet.


Veteran data scientists Trich Schultz and Kurt Seemar founded AMI in 2012. Their world-class expertise comes from working at data-driven companies, including KBM Group (part of the Wunderman network), where both played key leadership and production roles on the analytics team. Before KBM Group, Kurt was at ChoicePoint Precision Marketing, Wells Fargo, and AT&T. Trich worked at Sprint, American Century Investments, and G.E. Capital. 

With a combined 50+ years of analytics experience, they started AMI to pursue a vision that advanced statistical tools and methods should be accessible to any business, not just large corporations with big budgets and staff. They developed a reputation for discovering clear, actionable insights from complex data sets, often writing custom programs to bring the data together. With this unique skill set, they enable small agencies or marketing teams to design advanced, insight-driven marketing programs that get better results. 



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Twitter: @stonesinsight